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Are you fa­mil­iar with the word apho­rism?

Web­ster’s dic­tionary de­fines it as: a short, pointed sen­tence that ex­presses a wise or clever ob­ser­va­tion or a gen­eral truth.

One apho­rism that we hear a lot but prob­a­bly think lit­tle about is...The nicest thing about the fu­ture is... that it al­ways starts to­mor­row.

So many of us worry about the fu­ture and never re­al­ize what we are wish­ing for. When we long for some­thing to hap­pen to­mor­row, we need to un­der­stand when to­mor­row comes it is to­day. This may sound a lit­tle crazy but if you re­ally stop and think about this, we will never see the fu­ture while we are par­tic­i­pants on this earth. It is only through hope and faith that our to­mor­rows will turn into our present days.

The psalmist tells us in Psalm 27:1; “Do not boast about to­mor­row, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.”

We worry so much about some­thing that we re­ally don’t know if we will ever see. What we need to un­der­stand is that the peace and un­der­stand­ing that only Je­sus Christ can pro­vide us is for to­day and we ac­cept Him through faith that we will have a fu­ture and eter­nal home with Him. We need to have peace within our lives and un­der­stand that only God con­trols to­mor­row.

So many of us have taken many blood pres­sure pills and made our­selves sick be­cause of the un­cer­tainty of know­ing what to­mor­row holds for us. The psalmist tells us again in Psalm 37:37; “Con­sider the blame­less, ob­serve the up­right; there is a fu­ture for the man of peace.”

It is my hope and de­sire that each one of us will re­al­ize that we only con­trol what we are do­ing at this very mo­ment. Yes, we all want to see to­mor­row but it will be dif­fi­cult if we are not with peace of mind about it and praise God to de­liver us to it. We never have a fu­ture and we only have to­day. Let’s fo­cus on what the real val­ues are fac­ing us to­day. I am not say­ing do not plan for the fu­ture, but we need to un­der­stand that to­day is all we have.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for an­other day of life. You are a gra­cious and lov­ing God and I give you praise for each day that you al­low me to have. Guide my thoughts and give me strength to en­dure each day as it is. Amen.

(Sug­gested daily Bi­ble read­ings: Sun­day - Psalm 14-18; Mon­day - 1 Corinthi­ans 2:6-11; Tues­day - Gen­e­sis 13:14-17; Wed­nes­day - James 4:13-17; Thurs­day - Acts 17:29-31; Fri­day Ec­cle­si­astes 9:7; Satur­day - He­brews 4:67.)A128-11

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