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Cheer­ful obe­di­ence is two words that many of us say we have and ex­pect from our chil­dren, em­ploy­ees, and oth­ers. Do we have cheer­ful obe­di­ence within our­selves? Can we re­ally say that ev­ery­thing we do, we do with a good at­ti­tude and ex­pec­ta­tions of great re­sults?

A friend of mine sug­gested that I do an ar­ti­cle on cheer­ful obe­di­ence and the more I read about this sub­ject and search the scrip­tures for what is said about this, I have come to the con­clu­sion that all of us can be cheer­ful obe­di­ent chil­dren of God have our hearts in tune with Him.

Most of us that are adults talk about our chil­dren obey­ing us and do­ing so cheer­fully. Did we obey our par­ents with cheer­ful obe­di­ence or did we go through those hu­man growth stages where we lis­tened to the world and thought we knew all there was to know?

I be­lieve that we, as adults and par­ents, have to show our love for the Lord and to let Him con­trol what we do and say. If we do this then we are go­ing to have a cheer­ful heart and obey His com­mands for us. The prob­lem is that we get in the way of what He wants us to do be­cause we try to help Him solve many prob­lems and or sit­u­a­tions through worldly de­sires or needs. The Lord tests our love for Him be­cause He wants all that we have to be if we used for praise to­ward Him.

When our chil­dren see this in us then they will have a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of cheer­ful obe­di­ence to­ward us. We need to train and nur­ture them in the way of the Lord and not in the way of the world. This is some­thing that they have to ac­cept and un­der­stand that it is a free gift from God and God only. This, some­times, is hard for our chil­dren to un­der­stand be­cause they are ham­mered so hard by the world around them.

In Gen­e­sis, chap­ter 22, we are told how the Lord tested Abra­ham. Abra­ham was very obe­di­ent to what the Lord asked him to do, but, as a par­ent of to­day, would we have been cheer­ful or obe­di­ent about what the Lord asked Abra­ham to do? How many of us would have laid our son on the al­ter to be sac­ri­ficed as a burnt of­fer­ing? Abra­ham did be­cause he loved the Lord with all of his soul and might.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for your love and your pa­tience with me. Lead me in the di­rec­tion that I can be in cheer­ful obe­di­ence to you. Help me train the chil­dren you have blessed me with to be your ser­vants also. Amen.

(Sug­gested daily Bi­ble read­ings: Sun­day - Gen­e­sis 22:9-18; Mon­day Matthew 6:19-24; Tues­day - Jeremiah 35:118; Wed­nes­day - Mark 3:31-35; Thurs­day Proverbs 7:1-5; Fri­day - Luke 2:39-40; Satur­day - Psalm 119:65-72.) A129-11

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