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One of this na­tion’s great­est pres­i­dents was Ron­ald Rea­gan. He was a leader and in­spired the coun­try with his hu­mor, in­tegrity, moral liv­ing, lead­er­ship, and wis­dom.

I am in­spired that he was not afraid to show or tell of his faith in God. Many of our pres­i­dents in the past have stood tall and spoke of their love and de­vo­tion for God and have given our Lord and Sav­ior thanks for the many bless­ings He has poured out on this great coun­try, we call Amer­ica.

Even though this was only a few years ago it seems that our coun­try has slipped into a state of po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness and it is dam­ag­ing our peo­ple and our coun­try. We are los­ing sight of who is to­tally in con­trol and our na­tion is be­com­ing less and less rec­og­niz­able as the Chris­tian na­tion the world de­sires to be a part of.

In Eph­e­sians 2:12 the apos­tle Paul talked about Unity in Christ. He spoke about the an­i­mos­ity that ex­isted be­tween the Jews and the Gen­tiles and how the Jews, God’s cho­sen peo­ple, con­sid­ered the Gen­tiles to be out­casts, ob­jects of de­ri­sion, and re­proach. He also spoke of the spir­i­tual alien­ation be­cause the Jews con­sid­ered the Gen­tiles to be a peo­ple cut off from God. The Gen­tiles had many gods, but they did not rec­og­nize the true God be­cause they did not want Him.

Aren’t we see­ing this in our world to­day? Aren’t we los­ing sight of what our fore­fa­thers knew to be hon­est and true? In Rea­gan’s talk to an ec­u­meni­cal prayer break­fast in Dal­las, Texas, in Au­gust, 1984, he stated:

“With­out God, there is no virtue, be­cause there’s no prompt­ing of the con­science. With­out God, we’re mire in the ma­te­rial, that flat world that tells us only what the senses per­ceive. With­out God, there is a coars­en­ing of the so­ci­ety. And with­out God, democ­racy will and can­not long en­dure. If we ever for­get that we’re One Na­tion Un­der God, then we will be a na­tion gone un­der.”

It is time for each of us to truly look into our lives and al­low the Holy Spirit to shine through us. Each one of us need to have God first and fore­most in our daily lives. If we will do this then our na­tion will once again be revered as that Chris­tian na­tion that all coun­tries of the world wants to be part of.

Prayer: Lord heal our na­tion to­day and let us look to Your guid­ance and lead­er­ship and Lord, let it be­gin in me. Amen.

(Sug­gested daily Bi­ble read­ings: Sun­day - Eph­e­sians 2:11-13; Mon­day Ec­cle­si­astes 3:9-14; Tues­day - Psalm 108:1-6; Wed­nes­day - Job 36:22-26; Thurs­day - John 12:37-50; Fri­day - 1 John 3:1-10; Sat­ur­day - Isa­iah 55:6-9.) A079-09

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