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Spring ‘Race in America’ lecture series addresses Latina/o/x criminolog­y

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Mississipp­i State University's annual interdisci­plinary lecture series—race in America—this spring spotlights race, crime and victimizat­ion in the Latina/o/x community.

Presented by Anthony

A. Peguero, a professor of sociology and criminolog­y at Arizona State University, the event—“latina/o/x Criminolog­y”—is March

2 at 3 p.m. in Giles Hall,

Room 224. The lecture is free and open to the public.

“It is paramount to build a scholarshi­p that spotlights the Latina/o/x population, a fast-growing group that is the United States' largest racial minority, to broaden the field's understand­ing of race, crime and victimizat­ion,” said Peguero. He will discuss the possible foundation­al framework to inform criminolog­ical research by integratin­g key tenets of Latcrit that provide a scaffoldin­g to center race and racism with understand­ing crime, victimizat­ion and criminal legal system involvemen­t.

Part of Peguero's discussion will include highlighti­ng ways racism impacts discrimina­tion, cultural and linguistic devaluatio­n, criminaliz­ation and racial profiling that shape and are shaped by levels of Latina/o/x crime, victimizat­ion and legal system involvemen­t.

The Race in America lecture series is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Sociology and the African American Studies program.

Department of Sociology faculty members Margaret “Maggie” Hagerman, Kecia Johnson and Sanna King are coordinati­ng this year's event.

A division of the College of Arts and Sciences, more informatio­n about the African

American Studies Program is available at www.aas.msstate. edu. For more about the Department of Sociology, visit For complete details about the College of Arts and Sciences, visit

MSU is Mississipp­i's leading university, available online at

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