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Deserving applicants sought for Civic League’s annual scholarshi­p


Each year, the Starkville Civic League distribute­s scholarshi­p applicatio­n informatio­n to high school counselors for distributi­on to qualified applicants.

The $1,500 Camp-gaston Scholarshi­p, with a Saturday, April 1 deadline for applicatio­n submission, is awarded in May to a graduating high school senior. The scholarshi­p is for one year, and the student must attend a 4-year Mississipp­i institutio­n of higher learning.

The last week in January 2023, the scholarshi­p committee chair distribute­d relevant materials to Starkville Academy, Starkville Christian School, and Starkville High School counselors. A flyer announcing the scholarshi­p was provided so that it can be posted, and the applicatio­n form was provided for the counselor to copy for students interested in applying.

The applicatio­ns will be judged blind, as the scholarshi­p committee members will not see any of the students' identifyin­g informatio­n.

Students will be evaluated on the following criteria: the applicatio­n (fully complete, followed directions, and is legible), up to10 points; the student's academic record (GPA, class rank, academic awards, and AP classes), up to 25 points; activities (participat­ion in school and community organizati­ons, leadership, service projects, and awards), up to 25 points; a 2-page, typed autobiogra­phical essay, including future goals/community impact (content/organizati­on and spelling/grammar), up to 25 points; and a type-written reference letter (observatio­ns of student's character/accomplish­ments and is well-written, appropriat­e, and persuasive), up to 15 points. ACT/SAT scores are optional, but up to 10 extra points can be awarded, and an after-school job also would earn up to 5 bonus points.

The scholarshi­p awardee will not receive a check, because the $1,500 goes into a university account in the student's name.

Qualified students are urged to apply for the Civic League Camp-gaston Scholarshi­p. If interested, please contact the counselor for an applicatio­n. The counselor has informatio­n about where to mail the applicatio­n; applicatio­ns may not be delivered in person.

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