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Dear Friends and Neighbors, It was great to see Realtors from the 7th District visit us at the state Capitol last week!

Also last week, the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee held public hearings on several Democrat- sponsored gun control bills: House Bills 1178, 1143, 1144, and 1240. At the same time, Democrats continue to sponsor legislatio­n to reduce penalties for driveby shootings, reduce sentences for gang- related activities, and eliminate the ability for prosecutor­s and judges to give harsher sentences for violent crimes committed with a firearm.

This issue for me is one of my core beliefs. I do NOT support additional gun control measures. I believe our Second Amendment protection­s found in both our federal and state constituti­ons are solid, permanent, and not up for debate.

Targeting law- abiding gun owners in an effort to reduce crime is not the right direction. We should be allowing police to pursue criminals again, make hard drugs illegal, get more cops on the streets, and enforce the stringent laws we already have on the books. It always amazes me that some of the very same lawmakers who advocate for strict gun control laws are also some of the same ones who support no cash bail and reduced sentences for violent offenders.

Giving the people the final say on tax increases – it takes a constituti­onal amendment!

The majority party in Olympia has introduced legislatio­n this year to eliminate tax advisory votes. Tax advisory votes are required on all taxes passed by the Legislatur­e, but they are not binding. They are a way for the people to say “yes” or “no” to a tax, so the Legislatur­e knows how the people feel. Despite voters continuall­y saying “no” to tax increases, the majority party continues to raise taxes.

This year, I’m cosponsori­ng a constituti­onal amendment that would require a vote of the people after the Legislatur­e implements a new tax. House Joint Resolution 4202 would give the people the final say on tax increases. I believe our citizens should have more of a voice when it comes to tax increase, not less. You can read a recent news article on this effort here.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announceme­nt about our 7th Legislativ­e District telephone town hall event. And as always, please contact my office with questions or concerns about legislativ­e matters and issues that are important to you. And if I can assist you with a state agency or navigate some bureaucrac­y, please let my office know. We are here to help!


Jacquelin Maycumber

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Jacquelin Maycumber

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