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Voters in the Chewelah School District can be very proud of their superinten­dent, Jason Perrins, who may be the only superinten­dent in the state that is against inculcatin­g socialism into schools.

While members of school boards and other educators voice support for the state to feed free meals to all students, regardless of the parents ability to pay, in public schools ( but not home schooled children, Running Start or ALE students not on campus) YOUR superinten­dent voiced the concern that, in his words,

“To have a generation grow up believing that the state will feed them and take care of them undermines everything we are trying to do to teach our children about becoming independen­t, self- sufficient citizens.”

The Chewelah school board is to be congratula­ted for selecting Mr. Perrins who is leading the district to improve “student academic performanc­e” (a focus rare to find in any district), and become productive citizens that take appropriat­e responsibi­lities.

Teaching students that parents should, if they are able, feed their children rather than the government is laudable.

It is not only the academic content that the Chewelah School district offers students but, more importantl­y, life principles that prepares students for life. Mr. Perrins and the school board have my admiration. WELL DONE!

John Axtell


Dear Editor,

As a fellow Old School Baby Boomer, I very much appreciate­d reading about Mary Seledky, growing up in Pennsylvan­ia. I have never seen her as a coal miner’s daughter. But then, I have never seen her sing.

In 1994, I attended a democratic function at the American Legion Post in Chewelah. I won the U. S. flag, that was flown over the U. S. Capitol, a couple of months before. When awarded the U. S. flag, Mary described me as “the most liberal man in Stevens County.” That concerned me, because I was looking across the table at Governor Mike Lowry.

I would consider myself aa a Libertaria­n now, almost 30 years later. I have a very high regard for Mary Selecky, when you consider,

as the Secretary for the Department of Health, the millions of lives, espicaly young lives, that she and her staff affected positively, for many years.

Mary could speak red, blue, and purple. She still does, for the benefit of all people in the State of Washington. Lem lemix


James Gordon Perkins Colville

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