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You Damn Sure Won’t Find This Swedish Wood­work At IKEA

Okay, Swe­den, just knock it off. The rest of the world knows how much cooler you are than ev­ery­where else, how cool your chop­pers are— you don’t need to keep rub­bing it in with killer crafts­man­ship like this all-wood Knuck­le­head com­plete with mov­ing parts. It’s bad enough you get Vik­ing his­tory, saunas, and all the ge­net­i­cally per­fect fan­tasy war­rior women. Now we’ve got to see this from you too? As grate­ful as my ado­les­cence is for that last one, The Knucklewood here is just plain spik­ing the ball af­ter the touch­down.

Peter Atte­son started the project in Swe­den in Fe­bru­ary 2015. Bud­dha (a good friend of his) and Peter watched some Youtube clips of minia­ture mo­tors and Bud­dha asked, “Why don’t you make a Knuck­le­head en­gine of wood?” But at the time Peter wasn’t in­ter­ested. This wood not last long (see what I did there?).

Some days later, while ly­ing around bored on the sofa with noth­ing to do for his real bikes, Peter told his wife about Bud­dha’s idea. She re­sponded, “Why not? Just do it!” The mis­sus had spo­ken. No more log im­pres­sion on the couch. Time to get to it.

In my house, that means do project, re­turn to couch, await next round of nag­ging, rinse, re­peat. Ap­par­ently, the Nordic def­i­ni­tion of “get to it” is start project, get in­spired, take project to next level, then an­other level, re­turn to couch, etc. Peter in­tended to cre­ate just the mo­tor, but as time went by things grew a lit­tle more com­pli­cated…

Fif­teen months and a thou­sand hours later, Peter had an en­tire half-scale knuck­le­head chop­per in his home work­shop, en­tirely made of wood. The bike

is carved out of 95 per­cent lime wood and 5 per­cent birch. It’s finely oiled with lin­seed oil and sanded with 1,200-grit wet sand­pa­per.

There are a num­ber of mov­ing parts, such as the rolling chain, work­ing brake and clutch, mov­able An­der­son foot­pegs, pet­cock, throt­tle, kicker pedal and arm, shifter stick, re­mov­able spark plugs, choke lever, light switch, oil stick, ig­ni­tion key, a fully func­tional springer front end, and, of course, rolling wheels. With that level of crafts­man­ship, I can see why that Kris Kringle dude re­cruits all of his helpers as close to the North Pole as pos­si­ble. North­ern­ers don’t screw around when it comes to build­ing cool shit. You gotta move to keep warm.

Peter in­tends to take The Knucklewood to var­i­ous bike shows, and if he gets the right of­fer, he might sell it. Who could blame him if he didn’t though? SC

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