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Robert Teasley’s Tur­bocharged CB750

I’m sorry it took me so long to get you guys this bike fea­ture. It’s a long tra­di­tion that if you live some­where, you pro­cras­ti­nate on sight­see­ing all the touristy stuff. Not that Robert Teasley’s CB750 here is listed on Trav­e­loc­ity as a must-see for Los An­ge­les, but that tra­di­tion ap­plies here. Robert has been my neigh­bor for years. I’d see his Honda parked some­where and think to my­self, “Self, we should prob­a­bly shoot that cool bike for Street Chop­per.” Just like Dis­ney­land or the Hol­ly­wood sign, Robert’s bike was al­ways here. “I can shoot it any­time I like,” I’d tell my­self. I fi­nally found the time to do it. Woo-hoo!

Although Robert Teasley’s only been rid­ing four years, he’s been a gear­head since he was a kid. “Grow­ing up with my dad, watch­ing him wrench on a ’57 Chevy is how I learned,” Robert said. “He had a CB750 I rode on back, which is how I got ex­posed to bikes.”

Later, Robert started his own moto-toy col­lec­tion. Cars at first, then he picked up the CB750 that would be­come this awe­some beauty here. “It re­ally came about from af­ford­abil­ity ini­tially,” he said. “When it came out, the CB750 was a big deal in the cy­cle world. I found a run­ner on Craigslist. I was at first just go­ing to clean it up.” He’d also seen a lot of Russ Collins’ RC En­gi­neer­ing drag­bikes. Right around this time he met Yoshi and Kiyo at the Garage Com­pany. Yeah, say good­bye to “just clean­ing it up.” That’s what hap­pens when you walk into the Garage Com­pany. Any no­tion of keep­ing an old bike stock dies off like the vic­tims in a hor­ror movie.

They an­swered Robert’s ques­tions and a plan started to ma­te­ri­al­ize. Part drag­bike, a touch café racer, and some psy­che­delic funky ’70s paint. “I like the 1970s flake and pat­tern vibe with the paint,” Robert told me. “I let the painter do what he wanted to do. Peo­ple look at it and think it’s a café bike, but to me it’s not. When you look at early ’60s bikes, all the drag­bikes were run­ning drag bars. My bike meshes both worlds. It’s like a show­bike and a go-bike.”

Although this CB750 sports a tur­bocharger now, this wasn’t al­ways the case. “I had dropped the bike, chipped up the dif­fer­ent paint,” Robert said. “Kiyo had that turbo kit sit­ting on a shelf at his shop, Kiyo’s Garage. When we talked about re­do­ing the paint, we thought, ‘Let’s bring it back out a lit­tle dif­fer­ent.’ ” Be­fore­hand, the ma­chine had dual We­bers on it. Orig­i­nally done up as a one- off of Yoshi’s own Honda, Robert wanted to change that, which is why it has a lever to feed the su­per­charger. Clearly, it came out in­sane look­ing. The ma­jor draw­back to rid­ing it is that you can’t push it too hard in the cor­ners, but see­ing as how it was meant to rock the drag­bike vibe, Robert made this thing to go fast in a straight line any­way, and he loves that.

This Honda is Robert’s first cus­tom mo­tor­cy­cle but won’t be his last. Even as we speak, he’s gath­er­ing parts for a gen­er­a­tor Shov­el­head. So far he’s got the mo­tor and trans­mis­sion. When he gets it done, I’ll put to­gether the bike fea­ture for you, and I won’t keep putting it off. I prom­ise. SC

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