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The win­ner of the 2018 Don Ri­dler Memo­rial Award is the '57 Chevy 150 Hard­top owned by Greg and Judy Hre­hovc­sik and built by Johnny’s Auto Trim & Rod Shop in Alam­osa, Colorado.

“Imag­ine,” as the Chevy is called, be­gan with a con­cept il­lus­tra­tion by Ja­son Rush­forth. From there, the project went through sev­eral it­er­a­tions span­ning more than a decade—even­tu­ally end­ing up at Johnny Martin’s shop.

Do­ing a rad­i­cal re­build on a '57 Chevy is risky busi­ness. Mak­ing even mild changes to these iconic cars in­vites con­tro­versy. Johnny’s Auto Trim made hun­dreds.

The roof was re­con­toured and the top was chopped 3 inches. The win­dow glass was sunk and laid back for a more aero­dy­namic pro­file. The pop­u­lar '57 bul­lets have been re­tained on the pan­caked and sec­tioned hood—and can func­tion as scoops for small twin blow­ers or tur­bos.

The body has been chan­neled 3 inches and wedged and sec­tioned 1 inch in back and 3 in the front. The 19- and 21-inch one-piece cus­tom wheels were de­signed and built to re­sem­ble stock hub­caps.

Power is pro­vided by a Nel­son Rac­ing 515ci twin-turbo Chevy big-block en­gine, dressed up fancy with cus­tom com­po­nents. The beauty is also a beast—the en­gine is capable of more that

1,000 hp on pump gas. Feed it race fuel and the horsepower rat­ing jumps to 1,800 hp. The en­gine is backed up by a mod­i­fied Turbo 400 trans­mis­sion. The Corvette rear is packed with 4.11:1 gears. The rear is sus­pended with cus­tom fab­ri­cated coilovers.

The in­te­rior is '57 Chevy in­spired but with 21st cen­tury styling, start­ing with the hand­crafted bucket seats, split by a cus­tom con­sole. A new sin­gle insert was grafted into the dash and houses one-off gauges cre­ated by Clas­sic In­stru­ments. An Evod steer­ing wheel was cre­ated to match the el­e­gance and style of the rest of the cock­pit.

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