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While most of the man­i­folds we dis­cussed to­day will pro­duce sim­i­lar horsepower num­bers, it re­ally comes down the vi­su­als. Do you pre­fer an OE-style man­i­fold? Don’t like com­pos­ite and pre­fer the clas­sic feel of cast alu­minum? How about the edgy look of a fully fab­ri­cated man­i­fold? What­ever the choice might be there’s plenty to pick from.

Ex­tended bell mouths al­low the man­i­fold to sit lower while pre­serv­ing run­ner length. An adap­tor will mount ei­ther a ca­ble-driven or fac­tory-style drive-by-wire throt­tle body. Vac­uum hookups for a brake booster, reg­u­la­tor, and so on are af­fixed on the...

Look­ing for a pol­ished fab­ri­cated-look­ing man­i­fold? Hol­ley of­fers their Sniper man­i­fold in stealth black as well. It's a fully welded, 1/8-inch-thick T-6061 alu­minum de­sign that pro­vides the most hood clear­ance of all the af­ter­mar­ket man­i­folds.

Ni­trous bosses on the bot­tom of the Vic­tor II man­i­fold make di­rect port ni­trous in­stalls clean and easy. Af­ter all, there’s tons of room in a Coy­ote’s val­ley to plumb this sys­tem!

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