Semi-Flat-Felled Seams

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A sim­ple stitch will join two pan­els but it doesn’t make the finest look­ing seam. One so­lu­tion is a sec­ond seam ad­ja­cent to the first.

The com­mon prac­tice produces a vari­a­tion of a felled seam. That thick, wide seam down the legs of your jeans is a true flat-felled seam. But a semi-flat-felled seam dis­penses with one of the fold­ing pro­cesses. Ba­si­cally fold over the sewing al­lowances to one side and top­stitch through all three lay­ers.

This process in­creases the seam’s

strength some­what and adds a pinch of class, but most im­por­tantly it makes your seams lay in what­ever di­rec­tion you want. That’s im­por­tant on some­thing like a seat edge where a seam that flip-flops back and forth would make the edge look sloppy.

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