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Chang­ing to a One-Wire Al­ter­na­tor

from a Three-Wire, Part 2 On late-model cars and trucks equipped with in­ter­nal reg­u­lated al­ter­na­tors, the switch is pretty sim­ple. Re­move the con­nec­tor and wires plugged into the side of the al­ter­na­tor and cut off at the main har­ness tape and se­cure or just tape and se­cure the har­ness out of sight in case some­day they may want to be used again. Check the out­put of the new al­ter­na­tor com­pared to the old one to be sure the orig­i­nal out­put wire will be heavy enough for the new

am­per­age out­put. Cau­tion: An add-on high-out­put charge wire kit like the Pain­less PN 30709 is rec­om­mended. Note: A charge light can’t be used with a one-wire al­ter­na­tor


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