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Those who re­mem­ber the late Tex Smith’s Hot Rod Mechanix may also re­call the name Dave McNurlen as the au­thor of many of the fea­tures and tech ar­ti­cles that ap­peared in that mag­a­zine. (Ed­i­tor’s note: Some may also re­call that Ceri­dono and I also worked wi

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Was talk­ing with a guy on Sun­day who was try­ing to re­place an oxy­gen sen­sor in his car. It was stuck and ideas were dis­cussed on how to re­move it and what could have pre­vented it from get­ting stuck. He said that when he was in the ser­vice they used Milk of Mag­ne­sia as an an­ti­seize com­pound on jet-en­gine ig­niter plugs. That sounds crazy, but it could also be one of those ob­scure tricks used by rac­ers older than you and me. Have you ever heard of a racer, or any­body, us­ing Milk of Mag­ne­sia as an­ti­seize? BestRe­gards,




Back in the late ’60s while serv­ing in the Air Force I heard that Milk of Mag­ne­sia was used as an an­ti­seize com­pound on the fas­ten­ers in “hot” por­tions of jet en­gines, such as ig­nit­ers and af­ter­burner com­po­nents, but I never did see it ap­plied first­hand. In fact, I thought it was a joke that was sure to be fol­lowed by a punch line like “we only use it when the en­gine has gas” if any­one asked about the prac­tice.

A quick search of the In­ter­net turned up a num­ber of web­sites with a va­ri­ety of tips on us­ing Milk of Mag­ne­sia for ev­ery­thing from an an­ti­seize com­pound to an anti-spat­ter coat­ing when us­ing sil­ver solder. Sev­eral for­mer Air Force jet me­chan­ics on one site claim that var­i­ous of­fi­cial shop man­u­als specif­i­cally called for us­ing Milk of Mag­ne­sia dur­ing en­gine assem­bly. The claim is that when used as an an­ti­seize the wa­ter in Milk of Mag­ne­sia evap­o­rates and leaves be­hind a white pow­der, mag­ne­sium ox­ide, with an ex­tremely high melt­ing point. In­ter­est­ingly, sev­eral of the re­lated In­ter­net posts cau­tion that only the un­fla­vored ver­sion of Milk of Mag­ne­sia should be used. Go fig­ure.

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