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In­stalling Amer­i­can Powertrain’s Pro-fit Kit

SO, YOU WANT to max­i­mize per­for­mance yet main­tain the ef­fi­ciency of your truck? An over­drive trans­mis­sion will def­i­nitely get you there, and the folks at Amer­i­can Powertrain (AP) will make it easy to hook up a five-speed TREMEC man­ual trans­mis­sion. They have kits to place one of these trans­mis­sions be­hind vir­tu­ally any V-8 en­gine.

Though many pre­fer the con­ve­nience of an au­to­matic, there are plenty of pluses to hav­ing a man­ual. First and fore­most, you will have bet­ter con­trol over shift­ing when you in­struct the trans­mis­sion your­self in­stead of let­ting a com­puter do all of the think­ing. For any­one who wants to at­tack an au­tocross course or whip around a cor­ner bet­ter, a man­ual trans­mis­sion will give you im­proved over­all con­trol of your ve­hi­cle. The abil­ity to down­shift at your dis­cre­tion will help trans­fer power when you de­mand it, giv­ing you the edge over an au­to­matic.

Man­ual trans­mis­sions used to be more ef­fi­cient than au­to­mat­ics, but that’s not en­tirely the case these days be­cause some mod­ern au­to­mat­ics have more gears. How­ever, we will make the case that there is less headache with an AP swap kit.

Mod­ern au­to­mat­ics come with more dif­fi­cul­ties, like fig­ur­ing out how to con­trol shifts by ca­ble or com­puter. A five-speed trans­mis­sion will also give you more con­trol of your ve­hi­cle’s shift­ing with­out break­ing the bank.

These Pro-fit kits come com­plete with ev­ery­thing you need to get a man­ual five-speed trans­mis­sion be­hind your V-8. They in­clude light­weight alu­minum cross mem­ber, speedome­ter so­lu­tion, DOM steel drive­shaft, re­verse-light wiring, en­gine-spe­cific pi­lot bear­ing, hy­draulic clutch, pres­sure plate clutch, bell hous­ing, fly­wheel and a Revo­lu­tion shifter that al­lows for ad­just­ment to work with bucket or bench seat­ing op­tions. With kits like this on the mar­ket, it’s a no-brainer to have more fun with your truck by run­ning it with a five-speed.

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