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Be­fore and af­ter dis­as­sem­bly is not a happy sight if you have any sen­ti­men­tal value in your truck. First thing re­quired is to re­move the gas cap to re­lieve fuel tank va­por pres­sure and the fuel pump fuse from the fuse block be­fore crank­ing the en­gine for a few se­conds to bleed fuel pres­sure from the fuel lines. Next, we dis­con­nected the neg­a­tive bat­tery ca­ble from the bat­tery and re­moved the plas­tic en­gine cover, ECU bracket, mass air­flow (MAF) sen­sor, and both the throt­tle body in­let tube and the up­per ra­di­a­tor hose.

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