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1967 Chevy C-10, Las Ve­gas

Roughly 3,000 hours dur­ing the course of three years were sunk into Jeff “Speedy” Bau­mann’s

’67 C-10. That’s 125 solid days of round-the-clock progress. One thou­sand six hun­dred plus ad­di­tional hours (on top of the 3,000) were in­vested in­side the cab alone. We could break down this en­tire build into some mi­graine-in­duc­ing cal­cu­lus equa­tion to get more in­sight into the process, or we can take a more per­son­able ap­proach and meet the man be­hind this nearly flaw­less Chevy spec­i­men in­stead. (Au­gust 2018)

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