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READERS AND ENTHUSIAST­S CONSISTENT­LY TELL US THAT OUR PROJECT TRUCKS ARE SOME OF THE MOST FUN STORIES TO FOLLOW BECAUSE THEY ARE LIKE A LONG-RUNNING SITCOM THAT’S EASY TO FOLLOW AT THEIR OWN LEISURE. Unlike online stories and TV shows that go fast and disappear quickly, these articles are in your hands for a month at a time, so you can break them up into multiple parts and follow along when time allows. Since we are the last custom truck magazine on stands nationwide, we think it’s a great time to give you guys an overview of the projects we have in the works. We know 2021 is going to be a fun year with lots of finished builds, and we can’t wait to get started!

We have a few completed trucks in the archives, including a Procharged ’11 Silverado on 24-inch Lexani wheels, a small-block Chevy powered ’95 Chevy C/K and a couple old Chevy C10 trucks that anyone would be eager to brag about. So, moving forward, we wanted to focus some attention on modern, everyday upgrades that you can do yourself without emptying the bank account before the bills are paid.

Also, in the new POST-COVID era, we are seeing the daily driver trend lean toward family haulers over mall crawlers. So, the goal is simple: Buy an affordable family-sized vehicle, and then add some trick aftermarke­t accessorie­s one weekend at a time while preserving the value and integrity of the truck by not making any permanent modificati­ons. Everything we will install can be removed. And all the parts we take off will have no problem going right back on.

The lineup for this season’s project trucks range from Chevy to Ford, old to new and from beginner to boss. Naturally there will be suspension tech, wheel and tire breakdowns, and bolt-on accessorie­s, but what parts should you choose and what makes them different? We have the unique opportunit­y to find out! As usual, we have three projects for the year, so let’s just jump in and explain the plan.

GOALS: We will be turning this lightly used toddler transporte­r into a sleek, low, cool daily driver that is sure to turn heads in line at the kid drop-off. Putting the Sport in Sport Utility Vehicle is the plan, and these are the parts we are swapping in place of the factory pieces. 02 01 03 04 05 07 08 06


Battery Odyssey battery

Exhaust PPE Catback


EBC Brake pads and slotted rotors

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