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AMERICAN POWERTRAIN SAW THE NEED FOR A FIVE-SPEED DESIGNED FROM THE GROUND UP FOR SERIOUS PERFORMANC­E AND BETTER FIT IN CLASSIC MUSCLE CARS, HOT RODS AND TRUCKS. Thus, the Tremec TKX was born. The TKX is rated to handle up to 600 lb-ft of torque and 8,000 rpm. You can even bang gears at 7,500 rpm and the TKX won’t miss a beat. The all-new aluminum case is a three-piece design (main case, intermedia­te plate and rear extension) that is strong and compact enough to clear most transmissi­on tunnels without floor pan modificati­ons. Tremec even provides three shifter locations to help you place the shifter just where you want it. The American Powertrain Tremec TKX five-speed transmissi­on is available in several gear ratio configurat­ions for GM and Ford: AMERICAN POWERTRAIN 931-646-4836 www.americanpo­

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