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SSide-by-sides have be­come in­valu­able farmhands on Jay Rezac’s diver­si­fied op­er­a­tion in Onaga, Kansas, par­tic­u­larly on the ranch­ing side of the busi­ness.

“We use them heav­ily for calv­ing, fix­ing fence, and spray­ing pas­tures,” says Rezac. “They are just an aw­fully use­ful item.”

Along­side his two sons, Rus­sel and Matthew, Rezac over­sees the farm’s cow-calf back­ground and feed­lot stocker op­er­a­tion as well as hay pro­duc­tion. The other half of the farm – corn, soy­beans, and wheat plus a far­row-to-fin­ish op­er­a­tion – is man­aged by Rezac’s brother, Lance, and Lance’s daugh­ter, Ni­cole.

This spring, the Rezacs added the Mahin­dra Re­triever 1000 to their lineup of UTVs to see how it fared on the ranch.

“It has lots of power,” says Rezac. “If you want to tow and pull, this ma­chine has power.” The Re­triever has an 83-hp. en­gine with a 2,500-pound tow­ing ca­pac­ity and can haul up to 1,200 pounds of cargo, which came in handy for spray­ing.

“We did some spray­ing with a 75-gal­lon sprayer and it han­dled the weight re­ally well,” says Rezac, adding a caveat to that. “When we were spray­ing, the rear-axle CV joint broke and that part tore off of the rear end.”

With and with­out a load, the Re­triever felt sta­ble and se­cure trav­el­ing down roads. “It has nice speed, which is some­thing that we have to have here be­cause we have to get out and drive 5 or 6 miles be­tween pas­tures,” ex­plains Rezac.

How­ever, he did run into one is­sue at higher speeds. “The wind would come un­der the dash and blow the cup hold­ers out,” says Rezac.

Dur­ing calv­ing, Rezac uses UTVs to go out in the field and put tags on calves. “We drive up and tag a lot of cows – about 850 ba­bies a spring,” he says. “The Re­triever was loud enough that the cows would want to pick up and leave. This was not a quiet ma­chine.”

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Jay Rezac Onaga, Kansas

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