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Hay-Sav­ing Bale Feeder

The Bex­tra Bale Feeder from Liene­mann Pro­duc­tions in Prince­ton, Ne­braska, saves hay when feed­ing ei­ther large round or large square bales, says the com­pany. The patented up­per bas­ket de­sign forces cat­tle to eat off the bot­tom of the bale.

Ne­braska rancher Trevor Liene­mann, who in­vented the prod­uct, says be­cause cat­tle can’t pull hay out from higher up, for­age stays in­side the ring. Univer­sity tests show hay waste can be re­duced by 50% or more.

The Bex­tra comes in a stan­dard 8-foot round de­sign with a sug­gested re­tail price of $650. You can also buy just the Bex­tra Bas­ket (sug­gested $260) to retro­fit most round bale feed­ers. A square de­sign is also avail­able.

Visit bex­trafeeder.com to learn more.

Ro­tat­ing Bale Mover

Work­saver’s R Se­ries Ro­tat­ing Bale Hand helps move and stack 4- to 6-foot hay bales of up to 2,200 pounds. The clamp arms pick up the bale, ro­tate it up to 110°, and stack it like a can of soup.

There are four mod­els, de­pend­ing on the lift arm to which the Bale Hand is at­tached. Sug­gested re­tail price (prior to setup and freight) ranges from $3,295 to $3,525.

Visit work­saver.com to learn more.

Slid­ing Trailer Gate

Big Bend Trail­ers from Fort Davis, Texas, has a new float­ing gate op­tion for the in­te­rior of its stock trail­ers. The float­ing gate uses slid­ing rails and lock­ing pins to move for­ward or back­ward in 16-inch in­cre­ments to change com­part­ment size.

In a 24-foot trailer, for in­stance, the gates can be set for three equal 8-foot in­te­rior pens. Or, you can move the gates to al­low a 4-foot pen in front and big­ger pens in back.

Some cus­tomers like to put calves (or a bull) in a smaller com­part­ment in front, says the com­pany. It is also handy for feed or can be used as an ATV com­part­ment. The ad­di­tional cost for the float­ing gate op­tion is $1,150.

Visit big­bend­trail­ers.com to learn more.

Calf Nu­tri­tion Booster

Calf-Res­cue is a new oral nu­tri­tion sup­ple­ment from Brook­side Agra that gives dairy and beef calves a boost at birth, wean­ing, or other stress pe­ri­ods. For new­born calves, it pro­vides ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria to pro­mote a healthy di­ges­tive sys­tem for about $1.50 per calf, says Tim Nel­son of Brook­side Agra.

In ad­di­tion to guar­an­teed lev­els of vi­ta­min A, vi­ta­min E, thi­amine, and vi­ta­min B12, Calf-Res­cue also con­tains in­ulin, a com­plex car­bo­hy­drate that helps col­o­nize ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria in the gut. It also con­tains lac­to­bacil­lus aci­dophilus.

It’s avail­able in a case of 12 ap­pli­ca­tor tubes (1.04 ounces each) for $107.40.

Visit brook­side-agra.com/ to learn more.

from top to bot­tom: The Bex­tra Bale Feeder, the R Se­ries Ro­tat­ing Bale Hand, a Big Bend Trailer, or CalfRes­cue are all ben­e­fi­cial ad­di­tions to any ranch.

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