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Lauderdale music fest needs adjustment­s


We attended Lauderdale Live this weekend and enjoyed the many musical performanc­es in this intimate downtown setting. However, the organizers made two decisions they should rethink for next time.

Lawn chairs were not allowed, only blankets. If you wanted to see and not just hear the performers, you essentiall­y had to stand throughout. There was plenty of room on the grounds for chairs people might have carried in.

More worrisome was the decision to not provide any water (other than $4 bottled) nor to allow any water to be brought in to the festival. Four employees and two hired police were asked about this policy and all had the same answer: This is how the event organizers had set it up.

This can only be considered shortsight­ed and dangerous in the South Florida heat. If the organizers want this festival to survive and flourish, they will need to consider these issues to provide a fun, safe experience.

Randy Peck, West Palm Beach

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