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Misinforma­tion about nuclear plant thriving


Anti-nuclear power groups will use any excuse to undermine the broad public support for clean and safe nuclear energy. Recent events at FPL’s Turkey Point plant in Homestead show how desperate these groups have become.

FPL has been transparen­t about the current issues associated with Turkey Point’s cooling canals and what they are doing proactivel­y to resolve them. State and federal regulators confirm that Turkey Point is safe, that no animal or plant life in the area has been adversely impacted and that water quality levels in the canals and in Biscayne Bay are well within the standards of the Clean Water Act.

The Consumer Energy Alliance believes that our government experts know best howto enforce the laws and protect our environmen­t. We believe that FPL has proven to be a safe and reliable nuclear operator with an impressive record of environmen­tal stewardshi­p. Only a few years ago, the American crocodile was removed from the Endangered Species List in part due to FPL’s conservati­on efforts at Turkey Point.

Misinforma­tion, scare tactics and lawsuits might be typical ways for anti-developmen­t groups to boost their fundraisin­g and Twitter followers, but fair-minded Floridians should trust what they know. Nuclear energy has been an affordable, reliable and clean source of energy in our state for more than four decades, and it’s a big part of our state’s bright future.

Kevin Doyle, Consumer Energy Alliance

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