Bush ac­tions dis­so­nant from his words

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I was re­minded the other day, by an ac­quain­tance, about the Bush words about at­tain­ing "a kinder gen­tler na­tion." I have to think about whether he ac­tu­ally achieved what he said. Ac­tions speak louder than words.

Did the Wil­lie Hor­ton racist-toned ads achieve this goal for Amer­ica? Did the de­struc­tion of the Fair­ness Doc­trine, which helped cre­ate the fas­cist broad­casts of Rush Lim­baugh, Fox News, Bre­it­bart — un­chal­lenged — achieve this goal for Amer­ica?

Did his auto trade agree­ment and ul­ti­mate at­tempt to throw the UAW and the auto in­dus­try un­der the bus achieve this goal for Amer­ica? I would say, if you fa­vored what Ge­orge H.W. Bush fa­vored, well then per­haps he achieved it. Over­all, he did not achieve his goal, even if a mi­nor­ity of peo­ple think he did. They are wrong. His­tor­i­cal am­ne­sia of the Amer­i­can pub­lic helped to achieve it all. For in­stance, the Fair­ness Doc­trine was es­tab­lished by a BI­PAR­TI­SAN deal de­signed to make cer­tain a Hitler fas­cist state did not get cre­ated in Amer­ica. His­tor­i­cal am­ne­sia helped Amer­i­cans be­come com­pla­cent.

Dou­glas Wil­let Corn­well,


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