Sun Sentinel Broward Edition

Big ships could be bad news


The recent event in the Suez Canal should give pause to the citizens of Broward County. Port Everglades went all in on improvemen­ts to allow colossal ships to use the port. Untold hundreds of millions of dollars spent. [ed.note: Specifical­ly, $389 million, generated from port user fees, state grants and federal appropriat­ions.] Damage to coral reefs and marine habitat. Interestin­gly, we get to pay for this at the same time we are paying for similar measures in Miami, Tampa and other sites. Call me a cynic, but I believe this is empire building with a potential disaster on the horizon. As always, the justificat­ion is economic. However the benefits primarily go to foreign (not local) corporatio­ns.

Michael J. Otis, Venice

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