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Ex-Clinton aide again says no to testifying


WASHINGTON — A lawyer for the former Hillary Clinton staffer who helped maintain her private email server has told Congress that his client still will not appear before Senate committees investigat­ing the matter.

The Senate Judiciary and homeland security committees had renewed their request to question Bryan Pagliano about the server after news broke that the Justice Department, which is also investigat­ing the server, had offered him immunity.

Committee leaders had told Pagliano that the immunity grant should relieve any concerns he had about being prosecuted if he testified, and they requested that he appear before them. He had refused to speak with lawmakers last year, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incriminat­ion in declining to answer questions about the server.

But Pagliano’s attorney, Mark MacDougall, said in a March 11 letter obtained by The Associated Press on Friday that Pagliano would continue to “respectful­ly decline” their invitation.

MacDougall also stressed that Pagliano had “not waived his rights under the Fifth Amendment as a matter of fact or law,” though he did not provide any details about the grant of immunity.

The Clinton campaign has said that it encourages Pagliano and anyone else with informatio­n about the server to cooperate and answer questions. FBI Director James Comey said Thursday in London that there is no timetable for the FBI to resolve its investigat­ion into whether sensitive government informatio­n was mishandled on the email server.

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