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Taxi rescue, Dolphins draft and Hollywood meat-gasms

- By Daniel Vasquez Daniel Vasquez is a member of the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board and may be reached at or @ConsumerDa­n.

Great White shark spotted in the Keys … because barracudas and bad margaritas aren’t bad enough. A 150-pound alligator caught catching a tan on Fort Myers Beach. A man fatally struck by lightning in Boynton Beach. None of these recent events prove climate change is real. Maybe Mother Nature is just a little peeved.

R.I.P. Prince of South Beach: We lost Prince Rogers Nelson. Among his varied feats, The Purple One made history here. He killed it at Dolphins Stadium in 2007 at Super Bowl XLI where he played “Purple Rain” in torrential rain while bringing sexy back. His brand of raunch and rock ’n’ roll was once deemed “sacrilegio­us” by the Archdioces­e of Miami. His South Beach concerts and private parties were, like him, legendary. Rest assured dear Prince, South Florida will party on like it’s 1999.

Broward taxi rescue. Can Broward save taxis? Not if Uber has anything to do with it. Still, county commission­ers are considerin­g rewriting old cab laws to create more competitio­n. Gary Stein has a suggestion for cab companies Be more like Uber. Think customer service, courteous drivers and clean cars. Gary proves the axiom: Once you go Uber, you don’t go back.

Return Florida delegates, Donald. Trump won the Florida primary with 47 percent of the votes but received 100 percent of the state’s 99 delegates. Stein says if Trump thinks the system is corrupt and rigged, he should help fix things by holding onto only 47 percent of Florida’s 99 delegates and returning the rest. A round of Trump Vodka shots would be good too — if the label is still around.

Robert Runcie earns an F. The Broward Schools superinten­dent flubbed his response to a recent critical state audit of the district’s Title I funds distributi­on, says the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board. Auditors question how the district divides federal dollars among the poorest schools and warns the district may have to return $23 million.

Runcie took issue with a Sun Sentinel news story that said as much, but the editorial board found it difficult to verify Runcie’s claims state officials have indicated repayment isn’t necessary. Bottom-line: Runcie’s reaction is more confusing than Common Core — and strains credibilit­y.

Carnival fought Cuba, and won. A Sun Sentinel editorial lauded Carnival Corporatio­n for agreeing to delay its first cruise to Cuba in five decades until Cuba agrees to allow Cuban-American passengers to make the voyage. Initially, Carnival planned to abide by Cuba policy banning Cuban-Americans from arriving to the island nation by sea, but changed course amid national criticism. Now Cuba says it will forego its discrimina­tory policy.

A little bird told me Carnival Corp. helped get ’er done. Bravo, Carnival. Bravo.

Bad banking bets. Big banks caused the recent deep-seated depression by selling derivative­s that were worthless. Millions of people lost their savings, but not the CEOs of Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and other major institutio­ns, bemoans Sanford Kramer of Boynton Beach in a letter to the editor.

Kramer offers a solution, too: “Banks should be stripped of assets other than standard banking. All CEOs and directors of those banks should be held personally responsibl­e for all products they issue that create losses for their depositors.” Kramer calls it harsh reality. I call it harsh love.

Heck no to Palm Beach County tax hike. In a letter to the editor, Hubert Harriman of Boca Raton challenges a proposal for a countywide 1-cent tax increase meant to raise cash for improving city parks and roadways and maintainin­g buildings. Harriman asks: “Shouldn’t we be voting on a sales tax decrease, rather than an increase? I thought that all of the upzoning and exceptions to building limitation­s was meant to increase the tax base.” If you ask me, Free Ice Cream Fridays should also be on the ballot.

Miami Dolphins, NFL draft and pot. Want to talk defense? Dolphins columnist Omar Kelly does in his breakdown of the best safeties the NFL draft will offer next week. Kelly says Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey has the speed to play cornerback, but the size and physicalit­y to be a star safety. And there’s University of Florida’s Keanu Neal, known to deliver a big blow on nearly every hit. That’s what they say about medical marijuana, too.

Let’s meet at Ends Meat. Hollywood’s hottest culinary secret is a hole-in-the-wall joint called Ends Meat, where the chimichurr­i is so tender it will turn a vegetarian into a traitor. Some customers call the dining experience pure “mouth-gasms,” according to a review by Mike Mayo. If it’s that good, make my chimichurr­i a double.

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