Vote for can­di­dates, not party tick­ets

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I was amused at the let­ter ask­ing why the po­lit­i­cal party name was not on cam­paign signs. I re­mem­ber when I was an elec­tion judge. While as­sist­ing a hand­i­capped per­son, he did not want to know who was run­ning for of­fice, but just wanted to know where the Demo­cratic lever was.

A very wise man, who was a Repub­li­can and my fa­ther, told his nine chil­dren that we did not vote for a Demo­crat or a Repub­li­can, but that our vote was to be for a man or a woman. We were told to first check their moral stan­dards and then their eth­i­cal stan­dards. If th­ese stan­dards were OK, then the re­main­der of the their plat­form could pos­si­bly be rea­son­ably OK.

If we choose to vote just for a party, we may vote for one who is ly­ing or im­moral or un­eth­i­cal or a law-break­ing can­di­date. So we need to get off the stool of “do noth­ing” and check out the land. You might find ei­ther a snake un­der a rock or you could find some gold nuggets. Then get out and vote! DEN­ZIL T. CHEEK


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