Climate de­niers push path of de­struc­tion

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With the last 10 sum­mers each en­ter­ing the record books as the “hottest sum­mer ever,” deadly wild­fires de­stroy­ing lives and prop­erty out West, hur­ri­canes and tor­ren­tial rain storms wreak­ing havoc in more lives, homes and busi­nesses on our East Coast, not to men­tion the steadily ris­ing sea lev­els as Green­land and the po­lar ice­caps turn to liq­uid dis­as­ters in a fastap­proach­ing fu­ture, you would think that even the most die-hard climate de­niers would ac­cept the re­al­ity of climate change, one that 99 per­cent of climate sci­en­tists at­tribute to hu­man ac­tiv­ity on our frag­ile planet.

And though it seems to many of us be­liev­ers that there is a con­spir­acy amongst cer­tain po­lit­i­cal par­ties and cor­po­rate in­ter­ests to end any and all reg­u­la­tion that in­ter­fere with their prof­its, and that reg­u­la­tions are more ac­cu­rately con­sid­ered to be pro­tec­tions from those who put their in­comes ahead of the health, the safety, the ver y lives of the rest of us, the climate de­niers, char­ter mem­bers of the “flat earth so­ci­ety,” cite dis­cred­ited stud­ies when they push their mi­nor­ity agen­das to con­tinue on the path to de­struc­tion we are all cur­rently on.

Mike Fin­ley asks the same ques­tion I have about his po­lit­i­cal par ty: “Could it be that (the Repub­li­cans) don’t want you to know all the facts?”



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