Clay Schmitz lives an ec­cen­tric life for a fa­ther. Be­tween bouts splash­ing around in the Pa­cific with his two-year-old son, Schmitz finds time to SUP, foil, shoot video and make his own gad­gets, not to men­tion his pas­sion for kung fu. Be­tween his own toys

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1) 2001 Mercedes ML320. I pre­vi­ously had a pickup with a shell for over a decade. At 260,000 miles the en­gine died. I’m stoked to gain 50 per­cent in fuel ef­fi­ciency, but I now have Sprinter van envy.

2) Foil Sci­ence hy­dro­foil. This isn’t on the mar­ket yet, but will be. I have seen Jeff Clark and com­pany do­ing foil surf­ing that has blown my mind. It’s great to be part of this pi­o­neer­ing evo­lu­tion.

3) Ries cus­tom wood tri­pod. This is great for windy days and long tele­photo lens shots.

4) Mar­tial arts gear bag. My kung fu stu­dio is re­ally close to the beach, so I carry kung fu gear with me. What’s in the bag, you ask? Head to toe pads, rub­ber knife, tennis ball, six feet of rope, blind­fold and duct tape ( just in case).

5) Kialoa blended shaft and nar­row blade. I love a durable, flex­i­ble shaft and a blade with a soft catch. Af­ter breaking sev­eral pad­dles, I’m stoked on how strong and light these are.

6) Stretch 8’11” SUP. The tail on this board was in­spired by shaper Ben Aipa. I’m in love with this board and am able to do turns I have been dream­ing about for years.

7) Bamboo Go­pro at­tach­ments. I wanted to cap­ture surf­ing in a way that would in­spire folks to join me on down­winders and in heavy beach­break, so I made these.

8) Land pad­dle­board. I’m tall and with my long limbs I needed a skate­board that can hold turns like a surf­board. So I hacked to­gether this hill carver and land SUP that rips.

9) Bamboo land pad­dle. Us­ing a land pad­dle is great train­ing for pad­dle turns. I made this and I’m work­ing my way to­wards mak­ing a bamboo wa­ter pad­dle. Learn­ing to build with re­new­able plants is very im­por­tant to me.

10) Wet­suits. I have my Patag­o­nia R4 for win­ters in Nor Cal, and the lit­tle guy wet­suit so we can play in the waves to­gether. The bucket is also for the beach.

11) Scooter. Our tod­dler’s fa­vorite ride. He’s two years old and has a blast scoot­ing all over the neigh­bor­hood.


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