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Drift-of­fice pro­gramed a base tune, scaled the in­jec­tors, and then fired its Dyno­jet chas­sis dynoa to life. Pulls made be­fore the blower in­stall net­ted 166 whp, with a measly 133 lb-ft of torque. At the end of the ses­sion, Drift-of­fice had nearly dou­bled down on Ja­son’s Scion, as the FA20 belted out 314 whp on E85. That’s a whop­ping 148-whp gain, with boost re­main­ing at the stock 10 psi. Torque jumped by more than 100 lb-ft, to 237. In true tuner fash­ion, Bob could only look at what was left on the table. “I feel like there was more to be gained, but at this point the torque con­verter showed signs of weak­ness, and an ex­pen­sive valve­body up­grade would be nec­es­sary to sus­tain more. But I’m game if Ja­son for­ti­fies the tranny.”

Ethanol is a win-win. It adds both power po­ten­tial and re­li­a­bil­ity. The big draw­back of E85 is avail­abil­ity. De­spite in­di­ca­tions that the num­ber of E85 sta­tions would dra­mat­i­cally in­crease in the early ’00s, there is not enough sta­tion den­sity to sup­port run­ning strictly E85 full time. Luck­ily, the seam­less na­ture of the Moto-east flex sys­tem means you don’t have to sweat it. You can tap into the good stuff for spe­cial oc­ca­sions. Since Ja­son lives 10 min­utes from his E85 sup­ply and has 314 horses at the end of the noz­zle, ev­ery day is a spe­cial oc­ca­sion. CON­NECT Drift-of­fice drift-of­fice.com

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Drift-of­fice cus­tom tunes the Ecutek soft­ware that comes with the Edel­brock kit, us­ing the lat­est ver­sion of the sys­tem’s RACEROM V10 tun­ing pro­gram to pile on the power. Hav­ing in­stalled 25 E-force su­per­charg­ers, Drift-of­fice has built quite a col­lec­tion of cus­tom tunes.

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