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HOT ROD'S Drag Week isn't the place to go if you're an avid, diehard im­port fan. The ti­tle alone should make that crys­tal clear. How­ever, the once strictly do­mes­tic af­fair has reg­u­larly seen more and more "for­eign" com­peti­tors, and from time to time they do OK. This year was a lit­tle dif­fer­ent with this white '95 Toy­ota Supra in the mix that had ev­ery­one talk­ing—and this time they weren't just talk­ing shit.

The premise of the event re­volves around com­peti­tors be­ing tasked with street driv­ing their builds more than 1,000 miles us­ing pub­lic roads, typ­i­cally with tools, equip­ment, and backup parts in tow, as they em­bark on a five-day jour­ney that in­cludes four dif­fer­ent dragstrip vis­its and some very un­for­giv­ing moun­tain roads. Cer­tainly, a cause for con­cern, es­pe­cially when tug­ging a trailer be­hind a car that’s built to move as quickly as pos­si­ble for 1,320 feet from a dead stop. Not sur­pris­ingly, many com­peti­tors don't fin­ish the en­tire trip due to en­gine fail­ures and as­so­ci­ated equip­ment grem­lins. In the mix of mus­cle cars and Detroit Iron, you'll find a few Civics, Z cars, Eu­ros, and some odd­balls thrown in as well.

Back to that Toy­ota… This Supra, owned and pi­loted by Geo­van­nie Castillo of Florida’s Real Street Per­for­mance, car­ries an 1,800hp punch by way of a rather size­able 88mm Pre­ci­sion snail that sees up­ward of 60 psi with a taste of ethanol and MOTEC call­ing the shots. All of this is done with a stock block and head. Now, hold on a sec­ond, calm down. A "stock block and head" refers to the long-block be­ing stan­dard Toy­ota is­sue. Ob­vi­ously, the stock in­ter­nals aren't go­ing to han­dle close to 2,000 hp, and ev­ery­thing (and I do mean ev­ery­thing) has been up­graded to help pro­duce the as­tro­nom­i­cal power num­bers without the use of a cus­tom bil­let block.

The mul­ti­ple dragstrip vis­its, tow­ing, and un­for­giv­ing street driv­ing are a chal­lenge, and Castillo's Supra not only met that chal­lenge and com­pleted the task, but also man­aged to av­er­age 7.94 sec­onds at 178 mph with a best e.t. of 7.50 and top speed of 195 mph! That was enough to claim the new small tire record, and here at the of­fice, the do­mes­tic bunch were buzzing at just how cool the car was and how they were gen­uinely im­pressed with the ef­fort. We're look­ing for­ward to see­ing this Supra step back in the ring for 2019!

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