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5'10" x 18.75" x 2.38" (26.1 L) This is our lat­est high-per­for­mance short­board. It was cre­ated for Filipe Toledo be­fore the 2017 Tres­tles event. We were try­ing to make a vari­a­tion of his Holy Toledo design for small-to-medium waves. This design has a flat rocker panel un­der the belly with a medium flip on the nose. The tail rocker is low and con­tin­u­ous. The con­cave is sub­tle and the rails are box­ier and fuller than the orig­i­nal HT. Filipe won the event rid­ing this design. Ideal wave size: An­kle to over­head Ex­pe­ri­ence: In­ter­me­di­ate to ex­pert

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