Code by Chan­nel Is­lands

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6'4" x 20" x 2.9" (38.7 L) Ad­di­tional Sizes:

5'10", 6'2", 5'10", 6'7", 6'10" The Code Fu­sion Dual-core fea­tures Dual-core (EPS & PU Core), for eas­ier pad­dling and in­creased wave count. A sin­gle con­cave un­der the front foot al­lows for punchy drive on take­offs and the dou­ble con­cave blend­ing to a vee pro­vides lift and easy rail-to-rail tran­si­tions. Shaped by Chan­nel Is­lands Surf­boards. Ideal wave size: An­kle to dou­ble over­head Ex­pe­ri­ence: In­ter­me­di­ate to pro

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