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OODA is an acro­nym for ob­serve, ori­ent, de­cide and act.

The OODA Loop is a fairly com­mon and sim­ple ap­proach to re­solv­ing tac­ti­cal sit­u­a­tions. You first ob­serve the sur­round­ings and the prob­lem, then you phys­i­cally ori­ent your­self with re­spect to the prob­lem, which might mean sim­ply get­ting out of harm’s way for the time be­ing, then you de­cide the course of ac­tion, and then you act to im­ple­ment your de­ci­sions.

This “loop” will con­tin­u­ally change and evolve to adapt to the prob­lem un­til the prob­lem is re­solved. It is the essence of gun­fight­ing. The mind pro­cesses and de­cides based on sen­sory in­put, and then the body phys­i­cally car­ries out what the mind has just pro­cessed.

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