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TAKE-UP is any amount of trig­ger move­ment from the trig­ger’s ini­tial rest­ing po­si­tion up un­til the point that the sear breaks and causes the gun to go “bang.” Take-up, the Wall, and Creep are all part of PreTravel, so when cor­rectly us­ing the term Pre-travel, you’d be re­fer­ring to the com­bi­na­tion of those three el­e­ments.

SLACK is any “pos­i­tive” (pulling the trig­ger to­ward you) move­ment of the trig­ger that does not cause the sear to move and does not en­gage the main­spring.

THE WALL is the point where the trig­ger ac­tion first en­gages the re­sis­tance of the sear. In a sin­gle-stage trig­ger, the wall is im­me­di­ately af­ter the slack. In a two-stage trig­ger, the wall is af­ter the first stage.

CREEP is any pos­i­tive move­ment of the trig­ger that causes the sear to move but does not cause the trig­ger to break.

BREAK is the point of the trig­ger ac­tion where the sear re­leases the ham­mer.

OVER TRAVEL is any amount of “pos­i­tive” trig­ger move­ment fol­low­ing the Break.

RE­SET is forward move­ment of the trig­ger to the point that the trig­ger re-en­gages the sear.

A roller bear­ing be­tween the ham­mer and sear cre­ates al­most zero creep, a smooth pull and the short­est rest I've ever felt.

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