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If you’re look­ing for a pis­tol that per­forms like a pro in tac­ti­cal sce­nar­ios, look no fur­ther than Daniel De­fense’s M4V7. By Richard Schutz

Whether you think of it as a truck gun, pis­tol or just a home de­fense weapon, the Daniel De­fense DDM4V7 P is one mighty handy weapon. Cham­ber it in .300 Blk and put a sup­pres­sor on it, and it would be one mighty handy, quiet weapon.

No mat­ter where you keep it, next to the night­stand, be­hind the seat of your truck or be­hind the back door, this “pis­tol” will bring a lot of fire­power to the fight in a hurry.


The DDM4V7 P is clas­si­fied by the Bu­reau of Al­co­hol, To­bacco, Firearms and Ex­plo­sives (BATFE) as a pis­tol and can be trans­ferred as such. Since the ad­vent of the pis­tol arm brace, the BATFE has is­sued sev­eral let­ters of in­ter­pre­ta­tion re­gard­ing how the use of a pis­tol arm brace af­fects or changes the de­sign and there­fore the le­gal­ity of the firearm. In the most re­cent let­ter, dated March 21, 2017, the BATFE deter­mined that shoul­der­ing a pis­tol with the sta­bi­liz­ing brace did not con­sti­tute a “re­design” of the firearm and there­fore it was not il­le­gal to do so.

When fir­ing the DDM4V7 P, make sure that you un­der­stand the lat­est let­ter(s) of in­ter­pre­ta­tion by the BATFE. They have changed their po­si­tion be­fore, so they cer­tainly could change it again, de­pend­ing upon the party in power on Penn­syl­va­nia Av­enue.

Other than the pis­tol-sta­bi­liz­ing arm brace, the DDM4V7 P is very sim­i­lar to the rest of Daniel De­fense’s line of AR-15 ri­fles.

The DDM4V7 P that was used for this eval­u­a­tion was cham­bered in 5.56mm NATO. It ac­cepts vir­tu­ally any AR-15 style mag­a­zine and will fire both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem­ing­ton am­mu­ni­tion. A ver­sion cham­bered in .300 Blk is also avail­able.


As a di­rect im­pinge­ment (D.I.) style AR-15, Daniel De­fense had to jump through a few hoops to come up with a fold­ing stock. Since a D.I. AR-15 re­quires a buf­fer tube with a spring and buf­fer mass, they couldn’t just at­tach a nor­mal fold­ing stock to the lower re­ceiver as can be done on a gas pis­ton op­er­ated AR.

The key to the fold­ing stock is the use of a LAW Tac­ti­cal Gen 3-M Fold­ing Stock Adapter. The LAW adapter is in­stalled be­tween the lower re­ceiver and the buf­fer tube por­tion of the stock assem­bly. A LAW Tool­less Bolt Car­rier Ex­ten­sion is in­stalled in the rear of the stock bolt car­rier to make up for the added length of the LAW Tac­ti­cal adapter. It is ex­tremely im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that the DDM4V7 P can­not be fired when the stock is in the folded po­si­tion. When the stock is folded, the adapter is very plainly marked to this af­fect.

An­other im­por­tant piece of the puz­zle is the SB Tac­ti­cal SOB pis­tol sta­bi­liz­ing brace. This takes the place of a tra­di­tional stock and, along with other cri­te­ria, al­lows the assem­bly to be con­sid­ered a pis­tol rather than an SBR. As such, no tax stamp and re­lated NFA pa­per­work is re­quired for the trans­fer of the DDM4V7 P.

SB Tac­ti­cal of­fers sev­eral ver­sions of the pis­tol-sta­bi­liz­ing brace. The SOB is a slim adap­ta­tion of their SBM4 model. It is made from a stiff, yet pli­able rub­ber­ized ma­te­rial and uses a hook-and-loop strap to se­cure the brace to your arm.

Daniel De­fense spares noth­ing when it comes to build­ing a high-qual­ity firearm. The up­per re­ceiver is CNC ma­chined from 7075-T6 alu­minum and has M4 feed ramps. The bolt car­rier group has a M16 pro­file, is chrome lined and is mag­netic par­ti­cle in­spected for sub­sur­face de­fects. A 10.3-inch-long chrome-lined cold-ham­mer-forged bar­rel made of chromium molyb­de­num vana­dium steel is used. It is turned to gov­ern­ment pro­file and is Mil-spec heavy-phos­phate coated. The ri­fling twist rate is 1:7 inches. A Daniel De­fense 17-4 PH stain­less steel flash sup­pres­sor is at­tached us­ing 1/2-28 TPI threads. A poly­mer dust cover and a for­ward as­sist are also pro­vided. Ma­chined from 6061-T6 alu­minum, a Daniel De­fense MFR 9.0 M-LOK


hand­guard is at­tached to the up­per re­ceiver, which fea­tures Daniel De­fense’s patented rail mount­ing sys­tem, with four grade-8 Mil-spec fas­ten­ers. At the 12 o’clock po­si­tion on the hand­guard is a full-length 1913 Mil-std rail, which matches up per­fectly with the rail on the up­per re­ceiver. The gas sys­tem is car­bine length and uses a low pro­file 4140 hard­ened steel gas block.

The lower re­ceiver is also CNC­ma­chined from 7075-T6 alu­minum. It fea­tures a flared mag­a­zine well and a rear QD swivel at­tach­ment point. An H buf­fer is used. The pis­tol grip, which is Daniel De­fense’s own de­sign, uti­lizes glass-filled poly­mer with soft-touch over­mold­ing.

I did not find it men­tioned in the In­struc­tions/safety/main­te­nance Man­ual, but there is a trick to dis­as­sem­bling the DDM4V7 P for clean­ing. When the rear take­down pin is re­moved, the BCG with the LAW Tool­less Bolt Car­rier Ex­ten­sion in­stalled will not al­low the lower re­ceiver to ro­tate around the for­ward pivot pin. There­fore, it is nec­es­sary to ei­ther fold the stock and re­move the bolt car­rier ex­ten­sion prior to dis­as­sem­bly, or to re­move both the front and rear dis­as­sem­bly pins and sep­a­rate the up­per and lower halves by ro­tat­ing the front of the up­per re­ceiver up­wards, and then pulling it for­ward so that the bolt car­rier ex­ten­sion clears the lower re­ceiver. In my mind, this is the pre­ferred method so that you don’t for­get to re­in­stall the LAW Tool­less Bolt Car­rier Ex­ten­sion into the bolt car­rier af­ter re­assem­bly.

Other than the items above re­lated to the pis­tol-sta­bi­liz­ing brace and fold­ing stock adapter, the DDM4V7 P op­er­ates just like any other D.I. AR-15.


I used sev­eral dif­fer­ent brands of mag­a­zines, in­clud­ing the 32-round DD mag­a­zine pro­vided, var­i­ous gen­er­a­tions of Mag­pul mag­a­zines in 10-, 20- and 30-round ca­pac­i­ties and C Prod­ucts De­fense 30-round mag­a­zines. All per­formed with­out so much as a hic­cup.

Am­mu­ni­tion func­tioned just like the mag­a­zines, no hic­cups. I fed the DDM4V7 P eight dif­fer­ent types of am­mu­ni­tion from eight dif­fer­ent man­u­fac­tur­ers, and it showed no pref­er­ence as far as func­tion is con­cerned. It fed, cham­bered, fired and ejected them all equally well. Bul­let weights ranged from 52 to 77 grains. All bul­lets were FMJ or OTM style.

I com­pared muz­zle ve­loc­ity for the am­mu­ni­tion used for this eval­u­a­tion with the muz­zle ve­loc­i­ties for the same am­mu­ni­tion fired in two AR15s with 16-inch bar­rels that I had pre­vi­ously eval­u­ated. The DDM4V7 P, with its 10.3-inch bar­rel, lost an av­er­age of 367 fps, or 63 fps/inch com­pared to the ri­fles.


The pis­tol comes with rail-mounted Daniel De­fense Rock & Lock front and rear sights. The rear sight has large and small aper­tures, ad­justable for windage. The post front sight is ad­justable for el­e­va­tion and fea­tures pro­tec­tive wings on each side. Both sights are ma­chined from 6061-T6 alu­minum so they are lightweight and rugged. For ac­cu­racy test­ing at the range, I in­stalled my go-to com­bi­na­tion of a Night­force ATACR 7-35x56 F1 ri­fle­scope with a Night­force 30mm Ul­tralite Un­i­mount 20 MOA mount. This is a

The Daniel De­fense DDM4V7 P as it came out of the box with “Rock & Lock” sights, soft- touch over­mold­ing pis­tol grip, LAW Tac­ti­cal Gen 3- M Fold­ing Stock Adapter and SB Tac­ti­cal SOB pis­tol- sta­bi­liz­ing brace. The re­ceiver and hand­guard are fin­ished in Cer­akote Mil- Spec+.

The muz­zle de­vice is a Daniel De­fense stain­less steel flash sup­pres­sor with a ni­tride fin­ish.

Daniel De­fense used a LAW Tac­ti­cal Gen 3- M Fold­ing Stock Adapter to al­low the SOB arm brace to fold 180 de­grees. The re­lease but­ton is pro­tected by a boss on the re­ceiver half of the adapter so that the stock isn’t in­ad­ver­tently folded while the pis­tol is in use.

The folded SOB pis­tol- sta­bi­liz­ing brace rests neatly along­side the re­ceiver. It does not touch the re­ceiver or hit the bolt catch lever.

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