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It is of­ten said that if some­one per­forms the ba­sics well, they are an ex­pert. We find this to be a true state­ment, es­pe­cially when con­sid­er­ing all things tac­ti­cal. As you read through this is­sue, you will likely find some­thing that catches your eye in the form of a ri­fle re­view, or a flash­light, or even Kyle Lamb’s rev­e­la­tions about two-point slings and their use.

These may seem like ba­sic items for any­one who fol­lows our way of life: LEO, se­cu­rity con­trac­tor, mil­i­tary, armed cit­i­zen—and we may take them for granted. So, if you are a griz­zled vet, I urge you to take a sec­ond look at what is be­ing pre­sented. You might learn some­thing new or re­mem­ber some­thing for­got­ten.

You will find sev­eral ar­ti­cles ded­i­cated to ar­mor, shields and hel­mets—and not in a “Game of Thrones” kind of way. These are re­al­is­tic, life­sav­ing so­lu­tions ded­i­cated to keep­ing the good guys safe and mak­ing the bad guys less ef­fec­tive. It gets back to the ba­sics of per­sonal pro­tec­tion.

Our buyer’s guide on in­di­vid­ual first aid kits and blow-out kits may not seem as rad­i­cal as a buyer’s guide on poly­mer-framed next-gen hand­guns, but con­sider that most peo­ple will have a greater need for such a kit when dis­as­ter strikes, be it a shoot­ing, car ac­ci­dent or some other calamity.

We touch on train­ing with a story about a force-on-force class. Part of the class is a ba­sic primer on in­ter­act­ing with other peo­ple while armed. And, if you re­ally want to put your gear to the test, check out what we saw at Cola War­rior West.

Get­ting back to the ba­sics, we have two ex­cel­lent pieces about us­ing sights ver­sus not us­ing sights, us­ing a red dot on a hand­gun and steer­ing clear of them in fa­vor of irons. Both sides have merit, and any­one who wants to be­come a bet­ter shooter needs to make the de­ci­sion on which route to take.

There is a cornucopia of new gear we have seen re­cently and a buyer’s guide to mankind’s most ba­sic tool—the knife.

We al­ways strive to bring you the lat­est and great­est re­views of new prod­ucts and train­ing tips. At first glance, these may not ap­pear "ba­sic," yet give them time and put them through their paces. Us­ing a new piece of gear, be it a ri­fle or trauma kit, will be­come sec­ond-na­ture as long as you start with the ba­sic in­struc­tions. A new skill learned in train­ing can be­come in­stinc­tual through repi­ti­tion.

When in doubt, go back to the ba­sics.


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