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They are Amer­ica’s he­roes. The men and women of our mil­i­tary pro­vide 24/7 pro­tec­tion so we can live in free­dom. To do this, they em­ploy the best tac­tics, cut­ting-edge tech­nol­ogy, and ridicu­lous skill and tal­ent. In this new col­umn, you’re go­ing to get a glimpse into their world. Wel­come to Warfighters.

Drone Killer

In this day and age, who would have fig­ured that a net could be part of our ar­se­nal? Well, think again. A U.S. Marine with 3rd Bat­tal­ion, 4th Marines, Kilo Com­pany uti­lizes a weapon that has the ca­pa­bil­i­ties to shoot down drones with a net dur­ing Ur­ban Ad­vanced Naval Tech­nol­ogy Ex­er­cise 2018 (ANTX18) at Camp Pendle­ton.

No Driver Needed

A Teth­ered Un­manned Ariel Ve­hi­cle (MUTT-T-UAV) is put to the test at ANTX-18. The U.S. Marines who han­dled this as­sign­ment are with 3rd Bat­tal­ion, 4th Marine Reg­i­ment, 1st Marine Di­vi­sion.

The Weapon That Will Change War­fare

The value of cover for the en­emy will be com­pletely neu­tral­ized as Over­watch De­fense and As­cent Aerosys­tems have in­tro­duced a sim­ple, yet ef­fec­tive pay­load-de­liv­er­ing drone that fea­tures pin­point pre­ci­sion. The weapon is called the Pho­los, a hand­held, man-portable drone bomb that can neu­tral­ize any sniper or hid­den tar­get, while more im­por­tantly re­mov­ing the need for our sol­diers to ex­pose them­selves from be­hind cover. Uti­liz­ing a re­mote-con­trol unit, sol­diers can launch these drone bombs, which have ther­mal imag­ing ca­pa­bil­ity, right from their back­packs. The 22-inch long drone weighs 5 pounds and has a range of 25 kilo­me­ters. Once the coax­ial UAV is above its ob­jec­tive and the tar­get is po­si­tioned in the ther­mal ret­i­cle of the sol­diers’ dis­play unit, the bomb is dropped onto the tar­get uti­liz­ing grav­ity. It de­liv­ers a deadly pay­load of ex­plo­sives, but avoids the type of col­lat­eral dam­age that other weapons may cause, said of­fi­cials. The Pho­los will pro­vide sol­diers with an es­ti­mated 500% in­crease in hit prob­a­bil­ity. For­mer Com­man­der, Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions Com­mand (SOCOM), BG(R) Sean Mull­hol­land said, “The Pho­los sys­tem fi­nally de­liv­ers an in­tel­li­gent so­lu­tion to tar­get and de­stroy the en­emy. This sys­tem is sur­gi­cal and re­duces col­lat­eral dam­age sig­nif­i­cantly. It will be a game changer on the bat­tle­field.”

Not Quite a Video Game

These joy­sticks mean busi­ness. This U.S. Marine with 3rd Bat­tal­ion, 4th Marines, Kilo Com­pany tests the weapon at­tached to the Light Tac­ti­cal All-ter­rain Ve­hi­cle (LTATV) through re­mote con­trol. TW

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