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I elected to test the 870 DM with sev­eral slug loads, in­clud­ing the Hor­nady Amer­i­can Gunner. I also fired a cou­ple of Light­field’s 3-inch Mag­num slugs. I will long re­mem­ber the ex­pe­ri­ence! The Rem­ing­ton ac­cepts 3-inch shells. While the ma­jor­ity of sit­u­a­tions are eas­ily han­dled by 2 ¾-inch buck­shot or slugs, the 3-inch Mag­num slug is an awe­some load for de­fense against the largest an­i­mals. There are also re­duced-re­coil slugs that of­fer ex­cel­lent pen­e­tra­tion and wound po­ten­tial. Func­tion was good. The 870 DM fired about an inch to the right of the bead at 10 yards, so I cor­rected that. At 15 yards, it wasn’t dif­fi­cult to put three slugs into a sin­gle ragged hole. At 50 yards, tak­ing all the time nec­es­sary and lean­ing against a bar­ri­cade rest, I was able to put three slugs into 4 inches, on av­er­age. I am con­fi­dent the 870 DM will strike a man-sized tar­get in the chest at 75 yards. Few re­al­ize that the 1-ounce slug ex­pands in the body at mod­er­ate range, mak­ing for a very ef­fec­tive load. Buck­shot of­fers greater hit prob­a­bil­ity against a run­ning tar­get or a tar­get at max­i­mum buck­shot range.

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