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The State Department on Friday listed 39 Russian companies and government organizati­ons tied to the defense and intelligen­ce sectors, and warned that anyone in the United States or elsewhere doing significan­t business with them could be hit with sanctions starting early next year. The list was a belated response to legislatio­n, which President Donald Trump reluctantl­y signed in August, giving him until Oct. 1 to produce a roster of targets for new sanctions. Designed to punish Moscow for its actions in Ukraine and its interferen­ce in the 2016 U.S. election, the bill was seen at the time as a way of forcing Trump’s hand. The bill, which had broad bipartisan support, included new sanctions on Iran and North Korea. The Russia list was published Friday on the State Department website, along with guidance for those who might be affected. The roster of targeted companies and agencies could have broad ramificati­ons for U.S. and foreign entities that have dealings with them. Lawmakers from both parties offered tentative praise for the announceme­nt, calling it a step in the right direction toward implementi­ng the legislatio­n.

LOS ANGELES on fire. The rider attempted to put out the flames “using what was around him,” then ran two to three miles to grab his cellphone in his truck and call authoritie­s, Lassig said. The rider, who was wearing a helmet and off-road motorcycle gear, sustained minor scrapes, Lassig added. Hundreds of firefighte­rs were battling the blaze. Fire officials said cooler temperatur­es over the weekend should help contain the flames.


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