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Ease of access is key


While the proposed Tampa site for a new Rays stadium looks good on the surface, it does not address the reason for the Rays primary problem: low attendance. The reasons for the low attendance are location

and demographi­cs. The Tampa site is similar to the current Tropicana Field site, in that they’re both difficult to get to from other parts of the area. The only way a new stadium will boost attendance is if it’s easy to get to from both sides of the bay. In Pinellas County, there is open land not far from the west end of the Howard Frankland Bridge.

While the Tampa site would work for a younger demographi­c, the Rays must face the fact that there is a sizable older population that is looking for ease of access, and that includes available, nearby parking. Hopefully the Rays will not make the same mistake they made when choosing the Tropicana Field location.

Chuck Bayer, Redington Shores

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