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5B **** Tampa Bay Times | Monday, February 11, 2019 | Tampa Bay> tampabay.com for the latest news Remembering > ORITUARITS ORITUARITS HillsborouTh PasTo ”dNNrosmaNdG ourt H. PAGANI, Mildred Harriet “Millie” hn8 yW GgL,,;8 g2Lg YLDpl0 ;py h8 orfsa Slpe2eLg Dy 12, g;l91dLp,8 I;lp;8 (yp2,8 32F0 DLp.2L8 )w9L.- d1pLL 9p;wg,dby 9pL;d09p;wg,a Our beloved mother, peacefully passed away Feb. 6, 2019 in Wesley Chapel, FL at the age of 82 after a courageous battle with a debilitating disease. This strong and beautiful woman is survived by her three sons, Terry, Joseph, and Darrin; their three wives, Peggy, Chanipa, and Maria; nine grandchildren, Laura, Steven, Sean, Desiree, Joey, Joava, Sam, Meg, and Mia; and five great-grandchildren, Marissa, Anthony, Joshua, Lily, and Jackson. Millie is also survived by her sister, Josephine; and her brother, Frank. Millie was preceded in death by her sister, Gloria; and her parents, Julius and Bessie. She will be greatly missed by all those who knew and loved her. In Florida, visitation will be held at 12609 Memorial Drive, Trinity FL 34655 on Monday, Feb. 11 from 5-7 pm with a service at 7 pm. A memorial service will also be held in New York in the near future. In lieu of flowers, a donation in Millie’s name to First Book (https:// firstbook.org/), a cause she believed in wholeheartedly to help deliver resources to students and teachers where they are needed most, would be most welcomed and appreciated. YoIiPs T“/“oliA,y KESLING, CharleS 88, of New Port Richey, died February 9, 2019. He is survived by his children, Marsha and Jeffrey; two grands; six greats; and two great-greats. DOBIeS FUNeral HOMe, CONGreSS HN“esrrG sEnPs m. “tP,nni” st8 yW kypd A2J1Ly8 c;,,Lg YLDa i8 orfs bLwd dy DL b2d1 1Lp DL.yeLg 1l,D;wg yW tC yL;p, P;.dLp ’a IL1F;wwa S1L b2.. DL ,;g.y F2,,Lg Dy ;.. 1Lp W;F2.y ;wg Wp2Lwg,a Nyg /.L,,a South Pinallas TriNitY Memorial GardeNs, dNMHNiG m,rmPll, “Yolly” g2Lg 4;wl;py ot8 orfs8 ;d ;9L Coa S1L b;, cpLgLJL;,Lg Dy 1Lp 1l,D;wg8 /yD ;wg ,lp0 e2eLg Dy ,yw,8 AyDLpd ;wg M2wJLwd- 9p;wg,yw,8 B2J1;L. ;wg IlJ;,- ;wg 9pL;d09p;wg0 ,yw8 ILLe22a YlwLp;. ,Lpe2JL 2, YLDpl;py fn ;d ftvr cF ;d /;y k2wL, :LFLdLpya lm“sHHG toKn “outNK” nC8 c;,,Lg 4;wa ff8 orfsa 7L 2, ,lpe2eLg Dy 12, Dpyd1Lp8 B26L SJ1;..8 ,2,dLp,8 M2662 5pL0 .;wg8 (;p.LwL ’ww2,a ) cp2e;dL ,Lpe2JL b2.. DL ;d ; .;dLp g;dLa CITRUS NEAL, Phyllis A. North Pinallas 83, of Inverness, FL, died February 3, 2019. Private cremation arrangements by: DAVIS, Harold M. 87, of Largo, died on Feb. 7, 2019. Graveside service 3 pm on Feb. 16; Celebration of life to follow 4-6 at Chas. E. Davis Funeral Home Sylvan AbbEy F.H. LYNCH, Mary M. See the obituary section at 79, of Safety Harbor, FL, died on Feb. 4, 2019. Celebration of Life will be 11-1 Saturday, Feb. 23 at the funeral home. tampabay.com/obits WWW.SyLvanabbey.com [email protected]

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