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Republican­s rule

State GOP pushes ‘intellectu­al diversity’ bill | April 8


Isn’t it ironic that the GOP, pushing this HB 233 thought-control survey bill, supposedly “to push back against cancel culture,” holds substantia­l majorities in our state’s House and Senate? When indomitabl­e control of our state feels like “cancellati­on,” your perception­s might be a little suspect. The GOP — canceller of truth, elections, tens of millions of legal votes, Black and brown folks, women’s equality, living wages, our Constituti­on, ethics and responsibl­e, accountabl­e government. Yes, it’s very ironic.

This bill isn’t to push back against cancel culture. It’s to advance a totalitari­an strangleho­ld in our already corrupt GOP one-party rule in Florida.

Steve Douglas, St. Petersburg

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