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‘Cleanse the universiti­es!’

State GOP pushes ‘intellectu­al diversity’ bill | April 8


Irrational numbers offend me, and they aren’t in my religious texts. In fact, those texts include only integers, so no proper fractions or even worse, no decimals in our universiti­es and schools, please. Also, any measuremen­t system that isn’t based on cubits is anathema. In another vein, we must remove any graven images from the sculpture curriculum and obscene body painting. No geology older than 6,000 years, or orbital mechanics, or any non-Earth centered astronomy, or what I consider dirty books in literature ( just poll me). Quantum theory violates the laws of God, and bacteriolo­gy denies many miracles in which I absolutely believe, because demons cause most ailments. (Swamp air is also a minor danger in some areas.) Cleanse the universiti­es and the libraries!

Fred Prince, Tampa

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