Ask your doc­tor if switch­ing to Pro­lia® can help strengthen your bones.

For women with os­teo­poro­sis af­ter menopause at high risk for frac­ture whose os­teo­poro­sis medicine is not work­ing well.

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Only Pro­lia® is proven to help in­crease bone den­sity and pro­tect bones from frac­ture with 1 shot ev­ery 6 months

Women tak­ing Pro­lia® for 3 years re­duced their risk of new spine frac­tures by 68%

In a 3-year study, women not treated with Pro­lia® had more new spine frac­tures (7.2%) com­pared to women treated with Pro­lia® (2.3%)

Pro­lia® has been used to treat women with post­menopausal os­teo­poro­sis since 2010

Do you know if your bones are get­ting stronger? If not, ask your doc­tor these 3 ques­tions

1. When was my last bone den­sity test? 2. What more can I do to strengthen and pro­tect my bones? 3. Would Pro­lia® be a good op­tion for me? ask your doc­tor about Pro­lia®.

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