Make a Pizze­ria-style Pie on the Grill

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Be­fore plac­ing dough on the grill, brush it gen­er­ously with olive oil to en­sure the crust doesn’t stick to the grill grate.

Make sure the grate is clean, oiled and pre­heated. Gen­tly place the dough over di­rect heat and cover. Af­ter sev­eral min­utes, lift an edge to check for brown­ing.

When the un­der­side is light brown and the dough starts to bub­ble and puff up like a pan­cake, it’s time to turn it over. Flip the crust us­ing tongs or a large spat­ula.

Once the sec­ond side is golden brown, use tongs to slide the crust onto a bak­ing sheet (or a pizza peel if you have one).

Add top­pings be­fore re­turn­ing the pizza to the grill. Don’t over­load it or the crust will char be­fore the top­pings heat through.

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