Heart of Cook­ing

Win­ter weather doesn’t stop this Ten­nessee fam­ily from churn­ing up a home­made fa­vorite.


•This fam­ily knows that home­made ice cream tran­scends any sea­son.

SOME SAY ICE CREAM MAK­ING IS MEANT FOR SUM­MER, but for the Bolden fam­ily, it’s fo­cused much more on fam­ily than the weather. “Home­made ice cream is what we make when we’re all to­gether,” says Field Ed­i­tor An­drea Bolden. “Grandma’s ice cream was al­ways part of our child­hood, and we still make it for most of our gath­er­ings.

“We grew up on a farm, and home­made ice cream was a cheap treat since we had eggs from chick­ens, milk from the cows and berries from the gar­den. We made it all sum­mer to­gether, but one year, my cousin from Ari­zona missed our fam­ily re­union and the tra­di­tional ice cream treat. He was back for Christ­mas and it was just 30 de­grees out, but he in­sisted we sit on the porch and make Grandma’s ice cream, just like when we were kids. We turned the crank over and over, shiv­er­ing in our hats and mit­tens. We were all tick­led, but Grandma wor­ried the neigh­bors would think we were crazy. We still trea­sure that mem­ory.”

Today, An­drea’s sis­ter Deb­bie is usu­ally in charge of the ice cream mak­ing, and re­cently whipped up a batch dur­ing her daugh­ter’s birth­day party. “The kids were fas­ci­nated—they’d seen ice cream only come from a con­tainer,” says An­drea. “They fought over tak­ing turns turn­ing the crank and adding ingredients just like we did.”

But this recipe is more than just ba­sic ice cream. “It’s all-pur­pose,” An­drea says. “We tweak it to make boiled cus­tard or banana cream pie fill­ing, and it’s the base for so many fla­vors of ice cream—you can add any­thing to it. A recipe this spe­cial will be part of our fam­ily tra­di­tions for a long time.”

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