Why can’t bots check ‘ I am not a ro­bot’ check­boxes?

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Hack­ers use TOR, VPN’S and what­ever else is out there, but doesn’t the first con­nec­tion they go through is their ISP?

it’s re­ally dif­fi­cult to get ones ISP. Here’s an ex­am­ple: imag­ine you’re in Lon­don, and the only mode of trans­porta­tion are black cabs. Ev­ery­one has to use one cab for ev­ery­thing from A to z. Now, if you want to go from A to b us­ing the same black cab (your ISP), the same driver, it is rel­a­tively easy to track and fol­low. but if you change cabs mul­ti­ple times go­ing from A to b, one will have to ask mul­ti­ple cab driv­ers, taxi ser­vices for any de­tails. Let’s say, you took mul­ti­ple cabs to the bor­der of the next city where pri­vacy laws are much dif­fer­ent than the laws of the pre­vi­ous city. May be, the next city doesn’t col­lect data on the user’s des­ti­na­tion or share any of that in­for­ma­tion. Ap­ply this logic and you know how easy it is for one to hide their ISP.

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