So, how would a spa­tial Face­book look like?

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We’ve gone through the AT route be­fore. We can only hope that with AR de­vices, we’re an ac­tive par­tic­i­pant, un­like Google Glass, which rather made us a pas­sive observer of the world around us. Take for ex­am­ple, ‘On This Day’ mem­o­ries on the so­cial net­work site. Face­book AR might let you re­live mem­o­ries in its own idio­syn­cratic way. You look at the porch and see where you took that fam­ily pic­ture of your grand­par­ents. Right be­low it are the re­ac­tions and com­ments. Think of all the pos­si­bil­i­ties! AR so­cial me­dia would also fo­cus on the fu­ture of so­cial in­ter­ac­tion in a vir­tual world. You could be play­ing ping pong with your cousin in Aus­tralia whom you’ve only met once. You could throw vir­tual eggs at your neigh­bor for throw­ing the loud roof top party.

i like to think that we haven’t even scratched the sur­face. but, let’s not get hung up, af­ter all, this time­line is cru­cial. it high­lights the tra­jec­tory of value that AR can of­fer in var­i­ous con­texts.

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